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General Terms and Conditions
Pinsel, Farbroller Malerbedarf
Pinsel Roller Malerbedarf

General terms and conditions of the company Michael Schädlich Schönheide (painting and do-it-yourself commodity)

Customer Data:
We assure you to treat your personal data confidentially, not to give them to a third party or to save them on our server in any case.

I. General Terms
This General Terms and Conditions are basis and part of all contracts between the company Schädlich Schönheide and the customer as far as there is no other written agreement. The conditions are valid by placing of the order at the latest. Customer´s own conditions are not valid except they are expressly written accepted by the company Schädlich Schönheide. All explanations to or in connection with the delivery contract have to be written down.

The conditions are subject to changes which will be published in an adequate period of time. If the customer is not protesting during 2 weeks upon receipt of the changes and, at the latest, up until that point in time where the changes shall become effective, they will become effective according to the announcement. If the customer is prostesting in an adequate period of time, the company Schädlich Schönheide is authorized to terminate the contract at that point of time where the changed conditions shall become effective.

II. Achievement of the Contract
The contract is achieved if the written order (via E-mail, Fax etc.) is written confirmed. To avoid misunderstandings, the order will be proceeded after consulting the customer. By placing the order through an employee of a company who is not the legal proxy, the company Schädlich Schönheide demand a written authority of the principal.

III. Minimum Order Amount, Prices
The minimum order amount is EUR 10,00. Prices are always valid at that point in time where the order is placed. The only exception are so called price-controlled products. All prices are given in EUR including VAT.

IV. Forwarding Expenses, Handling Charge
Up to EUR 100,00 worth of goods, delivery is made plus forwarding expenses. If the goods are valued up to EUR 249,00, delivery is made plus a share of forwarding expenses of EUR 3,00 - 20,00 (depending on weight and distance). Deliveries with a worth of goods from EUR 250,00 and upwards are delivered without forwarding expenses inside Germany. Foreign orders are calculated plus freight charges. Shares of forwarding expenses will be announced if inquired.

V. Conditions of Payment
On principle, payment at placing of the order (not with new customers), credit card or cash on delivery are agreed. Payment with invoice is agreed individually between the company Schädlich Schönheide and the customer. If payment with invoice is agreed, the goods become payable by the due date on the invoice. After sending the invoice and at the end of three weeks according to the due date on the invoice, the customer is in default without receiving an individual reminder. The company Schädlich Schönheide is then authorized to demand default interest of 5% (base interest rate, §1 discount rate transition law) as of 30 days after due date.

Further conditions of payment, especially for the export, have to be agreed individually.

VI. Delivery
Delivery of the goods will be made by a delivery service which seems to be the most favourable to the company Schädlich Schönheide.

VII. Reservation of Ownership
The goods delivered shall remain the property of the company Schädlich Schönheide until they are fully paid (extended reservation of ownership).

VIII. Notification of Defects
The customer is obliged to complain in a written form about visible defects not later than two weeks after receiving the goods, otherwise the assertion of visible defects is excluded.

In case of other defects, which can be asserted during six months, the company Schädlich Schönheide is authorized to deliver compensation or finishing touches of own choice. If finishing touches or delivery of compensation is missed, the customer is authorized to assert the right of nullification (cancelling of the contract or reduction). As for the rest, the legal regulations for buying and the extended guarantee regulations of the particular manufacturer (can be announced if inquired) are valid.

IX. Re-sending
Re-sended goods, especially in case of assertion, will only be taken after consultation or written announcement.

X. Place of Performance
Place of performance is 08304 Schönheide/Sachsen.

XI. Final Regulations
If parts of this General Terms and Conditions are not valid or become invalid, all other regulations still are. An invalid regulation will be replaced.

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